I would like to share a story with you that illustrates the importance of personal happiness.  This story comes from the course “Lead the Field” a great business management course I highly recommend.

One day, a man was watching a professional football game on television.  His five-year-old son kept bothering him.  So the man tore out a page of the Sunday paper.  It was a full-page airline ad that showed a picture of the world- the planet earth as seen from space.  He tore up the page into a dozen pieces and gave them to his son.  He said to him, “Here put this picture together and show daddy how smart you are”.  He then went back to watching his football game.

In a surprisingly short time, the youngster had taped the picture back together.  It wasn’t very neat, but it was a very good job, indeed, for one so young.  “Hey, that’s amazing!” the father said. “how did you put that world together so quickly?”

The little boy said “There was a picture of a man on the other side. I just put the man together and then the world was all together”

The youngster was no doubt surprised by the big, warm hug he got.  “that’s right, son.” said the father “When the man is all together, this world is all together too”

I like that story because it reminds us of the importance of the individual.  To often we can focus on ‘fixing’ the problems in our life. When, ironically, if you just put our focus on becoming the best people we can be our world would straighten itself out.  So ask yourself, are you greeting your world all together as the best person you can be? I know I am not.  We all have things we need to work on. So let’s take this week to focus on bettering ourselves and see what effect it has on our world.

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