One of the issues that is brought up rather frequently is how bad/negative the world appears to be today.  I say ‘appears’ because with the advancement of technology and dissemination of information I believe we just hear more of issues we might not have in the past.  That being said, what of the world’s problems?  What can be done about them?  Of course there are plenty of organizations dedicated to change and peace that could not all be listed here. Joining a cause you firmly believe in is truly a great idea.  What can be done now, however?  What can you and I do on a daily basis to address the crime, wars and other issues that plague this planet?  The answer can be found by realizing how powerful we as individuals are.  The world is made of nations.  So to change the world change a nation.  The nations are composed of states/provinces.  You wish to change the nation, change your state.  States are made up of cities and towns.  You wish to change the state, change your city or town.  Cities are made up of communities.  You wish to change your city, change your community.  Communities are composed of several households.  You wish to change your community, change your household.  Households are made of individuals.  You wish to change your household, change the individual.  What individual do we have the greatest control over?  Ourselves.  So truly if you wish to change the world, the first step is to work on ourselves.  By improving ourselves we make our household more pleasant.  By improving our household we add something to our community.  This continues on out into the world.  I would recommend taking a second look at the post for the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” So remember, even the smallest improvement in ourselves makes the world a better place to live.

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