I am pleased to share one of my favorite Native American stories and how it stresses the importance of living a positive life.

There was a young child who was walking through the village and noticed he saw two distinct kinds of people, ones who were genuinely nice, and those who were not.  He approached the tribe shaman and asked “Grandfather, when I grow up will I be a good person or a bad person?”.  The old man replied, “That depends on the dog”.  Very confused the young man asked him to explain.  The shaman explained to the young man, that inside of every one of us lives to dogs, a bad dog and a good dog.  The bad dog thrives on anger, gossip, negativity and expresses itself in depression, hostility, selfishness, sickness and a bad life.  The good dog thrives on joy, kindness, compassion and positivity and expresses himself in happiness, great health and a kind way of treating others.  Knowing quite well he wished to live the latter he asked “Grandfather which dog will win inside of me?” the old man looked into the childs eyes smiling and said just one thing before walking away, “It depends on which one you feed”

Now I have heard this expressed in a variety of ways, good vs. evil, God vs. the devil, light vs. darkness.  How you choose to see it does not matter.  What does matter is that you understand that both exist in every person, including you and I.  At some point both will win.  The question is which dog are you going to feed?

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