In the world today we are faced with more division and anger then we have seen in a very long time. This can leave us with feelings of frustration, animosity, and worst of all fear. Daily I hear people complain about the government, different cultures, religions other than their own. It can also leave us with a wide array of questions. “Why do these people hate these people?” “Who is to blame?” Even if we are doing our best to fix problems the questions that come up can leave us without many answers. “Why is this happening?” and even the constructive “How can we fix the problems we face?”

How do we address all of the issues and questions above? While working my brain for an answer I thought of my favorite quote of all time –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

One answer I have found to all of these complex and difficult questions is rather simple. The best way to alleviate fear, to quell anger and to ease frustration is to become an example of the changes you wish to see in the world.

Being kind and understanding to people who are different from you may not change the world, but it will change your world and serve as an example to anyone who may be watching you. This advice goes double if you are a parent. Do not like the current political climate? Cast your vote and be a catalyst for change and not one who just curses the establishment. Not happy with the way the environment is being treated? Make sure to recycle and live a sustainable lifestyle.

As with many quotes that I enjoy the lessons I learn from them continue as the years go by. If everyone lived as the change we wished to see in the world, the world would change. Would you like people to be more friendly? Be more friendly yourself. As a bonus, if you are working hard on becoming the best version of you there is seldom any time left to complain about others, whom it should be noted, you can never change anyway.


One of the issues that is brought up rather frequently is how bad/negative the world appears to be today.  I say ‘appears’ because with the advancement of technology and dissemination of information I believe we just hear more of issues we might not have in the past.  That being said, what of the world’s problems?  What can be done about them?  Of course there are plenty of organizations dedicated to change and peace that could not all be listed here. Joining a cause you firmly believe in is truly a great idea.  What can be done now, however?  What can you and I do on a daily basis to address the crime, wars and other issues that plague this planet?  The answer can be found by realizing how powerful we as individuals are.  The world is made of nations.  So to change the world change a nation.  The nations are composed of states/provinces.  You wish to change the nation, change your state.  States are made up of cities and towns.  You wish to change the state, change your city or town.  Cities are made up of communities.  You wish to change your city, change your community.  Communities are composed of several households.  You wish to change your community, change your household.  Households are made of individuals.  You wish to change your household, change the individual.  What individual do we have the greatest control over?  Ourselves.  So truly if you wish to change the world, the first step is to work on ourselves.  By improving ourselves we make our household more pleasant.  By improving our household we add something to our community.  This continues on out into the world.  I would recommend taking a second look at the post for the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” So remember, even the smallest improvement in ourselves makes the world a better place to live.