All of us have things in life that we don’t like to do. Cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes, waking up early on our day off. Life is full of things that drain our happiness as well as our energy. The crazy thing is we really drag these items out. I am not necessarily talking about the actual act of doing them, although in some cases that might happen too. What I mean is we start dreading them long before we actually begin them. In the course of doing them often we can spend as much time complaining as we do acting. If we don’t do so out loud, we often spend countless moments cursing under our breath.

What I am suggesting? Certainly not whistling and dancing with one hand, toilet brush in the other? Not exactly, but if you can find a way to do that let me know. What I am advocating is striving for a little balance. We can do this in two ways. First, spend time every day on something you enjoy. Whether that is eating a Kit Kat or a taco. Maybe it is sitting down to a nice relaxing cup of coffee or tea. Perhaps listening to your favorite music? Whatever your moment of bliss is, make sure to schedule it. When you do, spend a few minutes getting excited about it before you actually begin. Think about how good that Kit Kat will taste, or imagine what toppings you will get on your taco. Hard shell, soft shell or both? Think about the scent of the coffee brewing or the feel of the warm liquid as you sip it. Then pay attention as you prepare the activity. Get excited as you brew the coffee. Smell the tea bag as you open it.

Lastly, be present while you are engaged in the activity. I can’t recall the times I have been looking forward to a particular dinner and I am half way through before I really slow down to enjoy the taste. With the delicious meals Margie creates that is about as close to a sin as you can get. Slow down and pay close attention to every detail of happiness. Why not? Enjoy it to the fullest. Use as many of your senses as you can. Feel the chocolate melt in your mouth as you eat the Kit Kat. Hear the crunch as you bite into it. Smell the chocolate. Enjoy the look of the perfectly formed wafers. Taste all the mix of flavors with each bite.

Second, try if you can, to incorporate some things that make you happy into some of the activities you dread. Of course you shouldn’t have a Kit Kat in hand and a toilet brush in the other. The potential for disaster certainly looms in that one. If you can however turn up some great music while you work, why not? Maybe treat yourself to a Kit Kat or taco after you finish cleaning the bathroom. I would, however, recommend washing your hands. It may even give you a little joy in what otherwise would be an arduous task.

Let us all schedule some bliss in our day. When we do let us make full use of it. Drink every last drop of joy and happiness out of the situation. Be totally present and treat it as a sort of mini vacation if you can. I would be elated to learn some of your moments of bliss. What activities bring joy into your life? Share them in the comments below!


One of the issues that is brought up rather frequently is how bad/negative the world appears to be today.  I say ‘appears’ because with the advancement of technology and dissemination of information I believe we just hear more of issues we might not have in the past.  That being said, what of the world’s problems?  What can be done about them?  Of course there are plenty of organizations dedicated to change and peace that could not all be listed here. Joining a cause you firmly believe in is truly a great idea.  What can be done now, however?  What can you and I do on a daily basis to address the crime, wars and other issues that plague this planet?  The answer can be found by realizing how powerful we as individuals are.  The world is made of nations.  So to change the world change a nation.  The nations are composed of states/provinces.  You wish to change the nation, change your state.  States are made up of cities and towns.  You wish to change the state, change your city or town.  Cities are made up of communities.  You wish to change your city, change your community.  Communities are composed of several households.  You wish to change your community, change your household.  Households are made of individuals.  You wish to change your household, change the individual.  What individual do we have the greatest control over?  Ourselves.  So truly if you wish to change the world, the first step is to work on ourselves.  By improving ourselves we make our household more pleasant.  By improving our household we add something to our community.  This continues on out into the world.  I would recommend taking a second look at the post for the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” So remember, even the smallest improvement in ourselves makes the world a better place to live.