As mentioned in the last post, I am on my way to Arizona. Although missing the most beautiful woman in the world who is still at home, I am determined to explore and learn. I have never experienced this city and everything will be new.

I find travel is a great way to expand your horizons and keep your mind open. The act of travelling itself provides many opportunities for growth. From long lines in security to change in flight plans, something always comes up.

Not allowing these circumstances to ruin your day, or worst your vacation, takes some patience and creativity. Take for example my current trip. Flying from Milwaukee to Phoenix I had to change planes in Denver’s wonderful airport. It is so wonderful, the fine folks at Southwest airlines decided to cancel my 9 a.m. connecting flight and put me on one departing at 430 p.m. Thus, allowing me a full 9.5 hours to enjoy this airport.

This may frustrate the average passenger, but not me. First step was to explore my options at the customer service desk. The two employees working there could not have been more friendly. Working with me, they discovered there was a flight leaving at 140 that still had a seat on it.

That saved me 3 hours. Still at 6.5. So, I decided to explore. I found a nice little breakfast place, got myself a cup of coffee and sat down to write this blog. I shall do a little shopping after, looking at what sells at airports.

What if you can’t travel? Stuck at home? My suggestion is to approach your hometown as one who has never been there. What stands out? Are there landmarks or restaurants that you have not visited? Be patient as you fight traffic or maybe try a new form of transportation. You can be a great explorer without even leaving home.

4 thoughts on “TIME TO EXPLORE!

  1. Yea
    Positivity all the way
    Soon you’ll be like some of us who actually look forward to challenges because of the power one receives
    When championing them .
    We grow , we expand and we love more intensely and appreciate most everything . It’s a big world to explore .
    Have fun my friend

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    1. Michael Beckwith (Whom I think you would love if you don’t already) mentioned the 3 stages of gratitude. 1. Be grateful for all the good in your life. 2. Be grateful for all of the negative things in life for what they teach you and how they help you grow. 3. Be grateful for life as a whole.

      These and many more things can be found in his ‘The answer is you’ video on YouTube. I would love for you to give it a listen and let me know what you think

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