Welcome back to our celebration of 30 days of gratitude. Each day we will focus on one area of our life to be grateful for. If this is your first day doing this I invite you to go back and do the days before this. You can do them in your head, write them down and home, but it is my hope you decide to share what you are grateful for with our community here on Secret2anamazinglife.com. There are no rules. Do one day or do all 30. Let us now look at today’s area of gratitude.

For anyone who has read my books or followed this blog for any length of time, you know music is a very powerful tool for self-transformation. It is also a medium that conjures up a lot of emotion. When you are feeling down, listening to the right song can give you just the strength you need to carry on.

I have several playlists on my phone for different occasions. I have a list of songs that bring a little cheer to me. That was how I started. I also have a list of songs for working out to give me energy. These, along with a few other playlists are available to change my state at a touch of a button. There are many different artists and genres that I enjoy.

To the specific question as to what song I am grateful for, that could change daily. We will look at the ones I am grateful for as I write this. The song Lush Life performed by Nat King Cole is one of my favorites. Lately, I have been enjoying a lot of songs by Chris Janson including the appropriately titled Good Vibes. The song Born for Greatness by Papa Roach can always motivate me as well. If you ask me tomorrow, or maybe even later today, what songs I am grateful for, the list will probably be a little different.

All of that being said, I am grateful for songs that artists have taken the time to write and perform. Songs that I can relate to. Songs that make us happy, songs that make us think. Songs that make us fall in love. Songs that pick us up or motivate us. If you haven’t already, I suggest you take ful advantage of the benefits of great songs. Find a few that you are really grateful for and make a playlist.

I would love to hear some of yours as I am always looking for new songs to add to my own playlists.


6 thoughts on “30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE (DAY #21)

  1. My music is varied too.
    I have known to play Michael Jackson featuring his sister Janet, ‘Scream’ just to let off steam.
    I also like Michael Jackson, ‘Earth song.’ Very powerful.

    I like ‘Angel,’ by Sarah McLachlan. A very gentle song and calming

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  2. Somewhere in time
    John Barry
    Somewhere in time
    We met on timeless hills
    And in the evening mist we kissed
    And time stood still
    Before the dawn, we found forever
    Moments are timeless when I feel your caress
    You’ll always be inside of me
    And I know when love is true
    It’s always with you
    Somewhere in time
    I came to realize
    Love never goes
    Love never goes
    Once it has touched your heart
    Just like the strength of wine that’s left
    As two lips part
    A taste of love will linger after
    I know the meaning of all that I see
    You’ll always be inside of me
    And I know when love is true
    It’s always with you
    Somewhere in time
    I came to realize
    Love never goes
    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: John Barry
    Theme From “Somewhere in Time” lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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