This is an odd group of items. Do you know what they all have in common? Let me tell you. They are all items my lady had expressed excitement for or about lately.

On the way home from the gym I saw her favorite flavor, butter brickle, was at this little custard stand. Right now we are not eating ice cream, but I knew it would not be back there for at least another month.

The light on our porch was from Halloween. Kind of cool, looks like a flame. That is if you are standing under it looking up. Otherwise, it doesn’t look like Much of anything. Margie mused the other night that it would be cool to put a disco bulb in there. Then our porch could look like a disco and you could see it down the block.

As a gift at Christmas, Margie gave me a lotion called ‘happiness’ which to be honest is what it smells like. She did this because I have seasonal affective disorder. To me winter feels like an 8 month season of depression. She found out, that she likes the scent just as much, if not more, than me.

So today I left work a few minutes early. I drove a different way home and stopped by the mall. I managed to find the store that carried the happiness lotion, they also had a gift box with a bath ball and sanitizer in the same scent! I bought it for her.

Further down the mall I found a store that sells disco bulbs. They were out. The lady informed me all they had left was the display. “That’s fine I’ll take it.” I said, not waiting for her to offer. She wrapped it in lots of paper because they had no box.

Then I drove to the custard stand. Knowing my love wasn’t eating ice cream for a bit, I asked them to pack me a pint to be eaten later. They did.

I took these items and drove – no I floated home! Why? Because I just knew the look of joy I would see on that beautiful face when I got home. I knew this because I did what I tell all couples to do – I listened.

I’ve had people, men and women, ask me, “do I have to?” No, you get to! The reason I put forth the effort is because I have a woman who takes pride in her appearance, and to me is the most beautiful woman in any room she finds herself in. She is an amazing cook and gives a meal you look forward to every evening. Most importantly, like when she bought me the lotion, she loves and she cares.

Was today a special day that she deserved to be showered with gifts? Damn right it was! She makes every day of my life special and she deserves to know that and she deserves to feel as special as she truly is.

Do you know who else does? Your wife… or maybe your husband, or a brother or friend. Maybe a teacher or pastor who inspired you? Only you know who it is. Listen to them. Learn what makes their heart sing and then help them find that song.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been good at this. There are so many people that have blessed my life in so many ways I haven’t always let them know. There is a few that it is too late for, but many more that it is not.

Most importantly, there is one who blesses my life each and every day. She doesn’t do it because I love it. She doesn’t do it because she thinks she is supposed to. She does it because that is who she is. That is what makes her so special and what makes her so special to me. She not only needs to know that, she deserves to.

I love you baby.


  1. AWWWW! While this could be a directive to the couples that do not take the time to listen, it was to me, a beautiful testimonial of the love you two share for each other. I’ve learned through your writings that your positive thinking not only makes you a more thoughtful person, but it frees your mind of the clutter that would cloud the ability to listen. Margie, I suspect, does as much listening as you do. Along with truly listening to each other, you are both exhibiting your love, respect and honor for the other.

    The skill of listening is also very important in other relationships and situations. Our ears take in the words, but the mind has to be open to comprehend and process the words. When I think of children, I remember how as a child my parents were very unapproachable. I and my siblings did not dare participate in adult conversation. Sad, but many of us seniors were raised in the same manner. When my late husband and I had our daughter, I spoke to her when she was just an inch long inside me. I read to her, played music for her and spoke with her. When she was born, I always had time to listen to her day, happy moments, disappointments and sometimes struggles. She always knew her mom and dad were there for her and they would listen.

    So couples and parents, use your ears to listen and let your mind comprehend and process. Engage in conversation and truly listen! Neil, this was such a sweet love letter to Margie, but I can’t help but think of the children that don’t have parents to speak with. If children don’t feel that their own parents care about their dreams, fears, happy times, sad discoveries and just growing up struggles, who do they go to to fulfill that need?

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    1. I enjoyed your take on this one Linda. Yes indeed a love note to my Margie, but you are right about looking at it from a parent/child perspective. I recall growing up and having influences that I looked to as my mom was often working and it was a single parent home. I think children need great resources to go to.

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