Here is your Friday post and yes it will come with some weekend homework. Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? Do you ever get frustrated life seems to be passing you by? Do you ever get the feeling it all amounts to nothing?
I used to feel that way quite often. Seems like you are working just to survive. I say used to because one of the secrets to the amazing life cures all of these feelings. What is that? Purpose! You need to find a bigger purpose in life than just working to pay the bills. Being a part of a purpose bigger than yourself gives you an opportunity to make a difference.  To have a sense of meaning and fulfillment.  Now I am not saying you need to quit your job and join the peace Corp, but think of what really gets your blood pumping. Is it painting? Environmental issues? Feeding the poor? Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book. Whatever that purpose is begin to pursue it. Not only will you find life becomes sweeter, but oftentimes you may find a whole new life waiting for you.
So this weekend your homework is two fold. First, find your purpose. Find what speaks to your heart, your passion, your bliss. Then, find a way, even part time, that you can pursue that. Your life will never be the same.

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