Last post we discussed what I had learned from the dishwasher at the homeless shelter I volunteered at. One of the things that impressed me the most was the care and respect he took for his “customers” as he referred to them. As he explained to me “this may be the only meal these folks eat all week, i am going to make damn sure it is a good one” i learned from him how to make sure the dishes were spotless, but I wondered what more I could do. The answer was surprisingly simple. I was going to do what I do best and what now has become my life’s mission. Help them see the beauty and positivity in themselves and the world around them. How? How can you help someone with no job, often no home see the beauty in their world? The answer is simple if you understand two principles 1) there is something beautiful about everyone. So I began to look. Was it ask article of clothing they had? A piece of jewelry? Even if it was their smile, or just the energy they brought. A genuine, sincere compliment is one of the greatest gifts you can give whether the person is rich or poor. 2) everyone deserves respect. I didn’t know, nor care what lead these people to the trying situation they were in. I did know one thing, we are all one event from it ourselves. So i made sure to address everyone as I do my postal customers and bar patrons. “sir” or “my good man” “my friend” a lot of them looked confused some even felt uncomfortable at first. Truth is when you are down on your luck not a lot of people respect you, so it is often hard to have Self-respect.  Without self-respect it can be hard to turn things around. Reminding these wonderful people how truly important they were was my way of helping them have a damn good meal as my dishwasher friend put it. The power of respect can truly turn a life around. Remember all of our brothers and sisters deserve respect

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