Here is a picture I have up in my locker. In the past I have written and spoken about modeling people who have succeeded in your chosen field. I personally read and follow people like Tony Robbins, Les Brown and others that inspire me.

I stand by that idea and encourage you to do so, but there is another person you want to model, the best version of yourself. To me, “be your own hero” means to act in such a fashion that the things you do both inspire you and give you a sense of pride. When I help someone to see the beauty in themselves and the world around them, i am my own hero. When I work with someone to improve the quality of their products I am my own hero.  Even if I make a coworker or server smile, i consider myself a hero. The idea is to think of times when you were the best version of yourself and that is the goal you should aspire to. Look up to your heroes, Be someone else’s hero for sure,  but remember to be your own Jeri at the end of the day.

One thought on “BE YOUR OWN HERO

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    The Best Me: I want to focus on the year ahead and my desire to evolve into the best me I can possibly be – that every day I want to choose to be the best version of myself that I can be – regardless of circumstance. (It’s a big ask.)
    The thought has already been captured so well that I want to share with you a piece Amazing Life wrote that has stayed with me since I read it several months ago:

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