While writing my book and starting my blog I had a great enemy to overcome…My own mind. Here is how my mind normally works, see if you can relate. I have a great idea and start thinking twelve steps ahead and overwhelm myself to the point I never even begin. Let you give you an example from the creation of my book A Happy Life for Busy People. My friend Kristina had encouraged me to share all my blog ideas in a book form. At first this seemed like a great idea. How hard could it be, most of it was already written. So I went home very excited to begin. I sat down in front of my computer and began to think. What would this book be called? Who would publish it? What would the cover be like? What do I say on the back cover? Editing? Suddenly what seemed like a relatively easy project became overwhelming. I wasn’t even sure I had what it takes to write a book. Does this ever happen to you? Let me tell you it happens to me more than I care to admit.

So how did I fix this problem? While I would not say I fixed it all together I have done better and it took two steps. First, I began to take things into bite size pieces. When I am thinking twelve steps ahead, I write them all down. Then I take the first step and begin to just tackle that. Instead of creating an entire book, that day I am just looking for a publisher. Sometimes I even make a list and cross the items off one by one. That way do I not only have the steps in front of me, but I have the chance to feel a sense of victory with each one I complete.

Second, I turned each one into a game. How did I do this? In simple terms by just changing one word. I went from thinking “I HAVE to find a publisher” to “I GET to find a publisher” it may seem small but it makes a great difference. When you think you have to do something it becomes a chore. When you get to do something life becomes challenges we can overcome and win.

Now I am about to host my first seminar based on my book. This is something I have never done before. Instead of letting that freak me out I have done the steps above. In addition to that there are two other things I have began to do. First, I starting asking myself what is the worst that can happen. In this case everyone could leave and throw tomatoes at me. Then what? I would need to either catch them so my lovely lady can make some of her great salsa, or I would have to wash my clothes. I asked myself another very empowering question – why? – Why am I doing this seminar? To me it is to bring my book to life. To be able to reach people on a more personal level and learn how I can better serve. If your why is strong enough and means enough to you quite often you will find and discover the how.

So next time you find yourself overwhelmed with a project, even if it is one you are excited about try these steps. If you happen to find yourself in the Milwaukee area around September 26th, feel free to attend my seminar

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