This is a picture of me relaxing in the sun at starbucks listening to Bob Marley. By the time you read this i will have been on vacation for about four days from my day job. I have purchased a new laptop to work on completing my second book, held an interview for said book, shot videos for my YouTube channel, and wrote several blogs including this one. Why am I working so hard on vacation? Because I have discovered my passion. To me this isn’t work at all. You know the old saying “if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well i would like to tweak that a little “if you find your passion, you won’t mind working every day of your life”
All that being said, here is the point I’m making today. Even though I love helping others see the joy and beauty both in themselves and the world around them.  In fact,that is my life’s mission. So what will i do after my iced green tea is goon? In short,  not a damn thing! Wait!  What? Yes, even though I live to do what I do I’m taking the day to recharge. I mention this because I’m addition to meditating you need to take a day off once in a while. Those who know me personally know how hard this is for me to do. Still if you’re running on empty how much can you give to others? If you have set goals and deadlines taking a break can actually help the brain be more productive when you return.  I have had some of my best ideas while on vacation. Hmm.. Maybe i should take more? So you have my permission, take some time for yourself just remember to pay attention and be ready when duty calls

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