Here is a picture of my beautiful lady and I. I mentioned a few posts ago that people are always telling us what a great couple we are. So in an effort to help everyone experience the love we share I am sharing some of the things we do that make our love so amazing. One of them is constant and never ending effort.
Let me explain by offering you an analogy. I think love is a lot like working out. Right now people are seeing Margie and i in what amounts to being in the best ‘relationship shape’ of our lives. Our communication is open, honest and flowing, our joy is off the roof, and the passion? The details are too hot to share on a site like this. Yes our relationship is in great shape! We didn’t just fall into that though. Much like when you have areas on your body that need some attention, we spent hours “in the relationship gym” day after day working on those until we arrived at a point where they were healthy. It took a lot of effort, but like getting in great physical shape,people sure notice the results.
Another point to mention. Do you recall the time you were in the best physical shape of your life? If your answer was yes, but includes a memory like most of us there is a point to be made here. Why are you still not in that shape? Well even if you made it to the top of the mountain and hopefully your still there if you stop working out, if you stop eating right you are not going to stay that shape. In order to maintain a great figure you must continue to work hard.
If all this sounds like a lot of hard work I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is it is. If you do not work hard on your relationship your love and passion will begin to fade, the joy will slip through your fingers and like working out the longer you wait the harder that is to get back. Sadly if you wait too long it might be too late. So what is the good news? Just like people who manage to stay in shape the trick is to enjoy the effort your putting in. Like working out, notice the results no matter how small as they come and celebrate. Here is another tip, find ways you enjoy. Some people love hitting the gym, some love riding a bike, some jogging. Just like physical exercise, there are different ways to work out your love and trust me, a lot can be fun for both parties whole increasing intimacy, romance and trust. Make it fun and you are far more likely to succeed.
Before I let you go, here is one more tip. If you are running a few miles a day and have an evening of pizza and beer it is less likely to affect you especially if you get back at again than if you just watch people running on TV. Same holds true for your love. Sometimes we let our partners down, or just make a mistake that causes an upset. Your love is more likely to recover and do so quickly if you have been working on making it stronger,especially if you get back at it. See you at the gym!

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