What problems self improvement tip can we gain from a box of childhood craft items? Two very important ones. Try this experiment with me. Find two crayons you are not using. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. They need to be two different colors. Let us say you choose blue and purple because they are my favorite colors. Take the blue crayon and write your name on a piece of paper. Next, take the wrappers of both of the crayons place the purple wrapper on the blue crayon.  Write your name again. Now, break the blue crayon in half (hopefully these were not your children’s crayons) now write your name a third time. Look at all three of your names. I’m guessing they all look fairly similar.  So what does this tell us? We know how to write our names three times? Yes, but not exactly. You see crayons are like people. Before you start thinking of your family members that may smell like a Crayola factory let me explain what we learned here. First we wrote our name with the blue crayon. Then we put the purple wrapper on the blue crayon and wrote our name again. Did it change color? No. Much like people, if we label them, or ourselves, we still are what we are at our very core. Then we broke the blue crayon in half and wrote our name again. Still the same result. Even when people are broken, it does not make them less than. Often people go through a very tough situation and they feel broken. We need to remember this lesson from a crayon. We may be broken, but we can continue to color the world in our own magical way.

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