If I were to invite you to play a game would you do it? Most of my friends love games and would be happy to say yes to this question. Now, what if I were not going to tell you how to win the game? Would you still want to play? Most people might decide against it or decide  they could figure out the goal of the game. Now what if I also told you I wouldn’t tell you the rules of the game? Most people would not be interested in playing a game with me under those conditions. I could not really say that I would blame them for not wanting to play. Now what if I asked you to wager your very life on the outcome of this game? You would probably think I’m nuts! While my sanity is always in question, this is actually what most of us do every day when we wake up. What is your reason for getting up in the morning? One of the great secrets to an amazing life is having a great answer to this question. Is it to pay the bills?  Make it to the weekend? Let us face it, if your goal five days a week is to make it to the 48 hours,some of which would be filled dreading the return of Monday, you are my living the dream. One of the great secrets is deciding what winning the game means to you. Attach yourself to a purpose greater than yourself. This is a secret to the happy, to the motivated, to the accomplished. So ask yourself, what is the goal of my game of life? Attach yourself to a purpose bigger than yourself. Do you want to bring more joy to the world? Reduce domestic violence? Your purpose should ideally be something you can do in the course of your life of as well as profession.  Tomorrow we will discuss rules of the game and how to know you are following the rules of your game

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