A photocell…do you know what one is? In simple terms, because i am no expert on lighting,  it is a device that turns lights on when the surrounding atmosphere becomes dark. I appreciated third wonder of technology when i was entering the men’s room of a diner I happened to be eating at. This one had some sort of delay on it and while looking for the light switch and almost falling in the toilet a few great ideas occurred to me. One, never close a bathroom door before the light goes on. Two, what a difference a small amount of light can make in a dark situation.  While using the room for its designed purpose i was struck by how close this event served to mirror life in general. Quite often i find myself wondering what to do when a period of darkness has descended upon the love of a friend, or even my own life. We have all been there. Be it the passing of a loved one or just one of those streaks where everything seems to go wrong. It may seem like our life resembles a rest room with the light burned out and we even are at the risk of having our love fall in the toilet. Much like our friend the photo cell, when in a period of darkness we need to become the light. Going through a period when life seems to be kicking you when your down? Wave at a stranger, compliment the boss after they finish yelling at you, or tip your bartenders little extra. When life turns out your light, become the light! It may literally save your life from being flushed down the drain!

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