Today as I sat at work mowing the lawn I thought about how long it has been since I’ve been on a tropical vacation. After much deep thought and contemplation the answer came to me, far too long! It was then a conversation between a bartender and I in the city of Negril came to mind. The bartenders name was Sabian. I recall him asking me the usual “what do you do for a living?”. Which is when I told him I was an inspiring self-improvement author. He then asked me why I had not become a self-improvement author yet. I explained I had not completed my book and he inquired as to why that was the case. As I started to list my reasons why I could see the smile on his face getting bigger and bigger. He was almost to the point of laughing when I had to ask what was so funny. He told me “do not confuse self improvement with by yourself improvement. You have to get off your ass and not just sit around being an ass.” seeing that I was not quite sure if he was calling me an ass he explained further. ” I make a list of fashions I take every day towards my goals.” he said. I have heard lots of motivational people talk about listing ideas that you could do towards your goal but never actually writing down what actions you took. Then he put his own spin on it. “keep it between you and Jah(god) ” I asked him why and the answer he gave was very insightful. ” because a man may lie to others and he may lie to himself but he will never lie to Jah” so for this weekend think of one goal you are trying to aspire to. For the next week make a list of all the actions you do towards that goal. Oh and if you liked today’s blog post feel free to contribute towards my next trip to Jamaica

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