Here is a conversation I had with gentleman while tending bar the other night. Let begin by saying this man is into self improvement and motivation in his own way as well so quite often we discuss such ideas.  Recently this man has went through some tough times in his life. He found himself in some pretty difficult situations. A lot of what the took for granted has suddenly been taken away. By his own admission he did not respond in the healthiest fashion possible.  He made some poor choices,or certainly ones that someone in his position of motivating others should do. I think at one time or another we have all found ourselves in this position. Life throws us under the bus and we not only lay there we end up trying to pop the tires on the bus. Why not? It is natural to feel frustrated,  angry we were given all of these challenges.
Still, being angry and frustrated is one thing, staying there is another. So what happens when we do? What happens when we let life make us bitter? When we give up on doing the right thing? When we stop appreciating all the good life is still giving us? Life slaps us back. When we complain about life and adopt a “why me?” attitude life often continues to give us something to complain about. Until we change our thinking it seems to continue on and on. A vicious cycle. So how to break that cycle? The first part is awareness. This gentleman suddenly realized how far from everything he believed he had drifted. Next is to figure out how to use our pain instead of it using us. What made sense to this man was life was doing just what his mother used to do to him as a child. As he told me “when I screwed up when I was young my mom used to whoop my ass, now life is doing the same thing” essentially that is what happens. Sometimes life gives us a whooping because we are on the wrong path. Just like mom when we were young,however, it is for our own good. Now this man, like he did when he was young is learning his lesson. He is humble and more determined than ever to help and inspire others. So if life seems to be giving you a beating, look for the lesson, be grateful, be humble and let it make you more determined than ever!

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