Today has been an amazing day. Have you ever had one of those days when the drama and toils of life seem to be unable to touch you? I stopped and tried to figure out what lead me to have such a joyous day.  It started in the morning. The love of my life has cup of coffee ready for me when I woke up. We left to purchase some cake supplies she needed as she is the most talented cake designer i have seen. We then stopped at a little bakery for coffee and a snack before she began to create and I headed off to work. While there everyone seem to be in a good mood when I ran into them.  As I write this i have just returned from the grocery store. Everyone there seemed happy too.  Upon reflection it occurred to me, my lady had me in such a great mood that is what i brought to each of these situations.  The people were actually responding to my happiness with that of their own. Now, maybe you don’t have a person in your life as divine as i do and belive me i have never met one, but there is a point to be made. Do your best to start your day on the most positive thought you can. Surround yourself with inspiring people, perhaps listen to inspiring talks or music on the way to work, or even better as soon as you get out of bed. Looking for more ideas? Check out some in my book “A Happy Life for Busy People ” available on or think of some of your own. The important point here, if you wish to see the light, the easiest way is to be the light. So inspire others this weekend and see what happens!

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