So last Monday as I was behind the bar working at the local place i do, which for the record is called the local, i heard a fun little idea I’d like to share. Often i run my ideas past my bar customers as a first run before they make it into a book or this website.  On occasion they return the favor by giving me a few of their own. Here is one such idea. I was telling a young man my ideas to bring joy to the world when he held up his hand and yelled”slow down!” followed by “you can’t make everyone happy” i was about to reply with if you attempt to make everyone you meet happy you will probably succeed with most, but I paused to see if he had more. I am sure glad I did. “would you like to know what I do?” he asked. I am always looking for new ideas so I listened closely. “i pick one” my confused look received this explanation I decide on a group of people and go out of my way to make them happy. It could be cashiers one week, servers the next. Sometimes I pick people based on their car. If I see a red van i make sure to wave. I inquired if he was exclusive to this group of people,  but he explained they are just the ones he pays extra attention to.

So here is your homework for this weekend. Pick a group of people, any group. Blue cars, postal workers, bartenders. And pay a little extra courtesy to them. Do so for a week. Have fun with it, see what groups you can come up with. I’m going to try blonde djs who also make amazing specialty cakes, but that is just to keep my home life happy. So go ahead and try this weekend. Feel free to leave a comment on Monday and let me know how it worked for you

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