After completing my book “A Happy Life for Busy People ” i sent copies to celebrities who i thought may both enjoy reading it as well as help promote it. The copies included an invitation to be a part of my second book. Several people responded with form letters, some emails,but one gentleman set down to write me a handwritten note about the book. This gentleman was sent a copy because he personifies a person happy with life and on for with passion for each day. That happens to be the subject matter covered in my book. The person in question was Sammy Hagar. Most of you may know him as a solo performer as well as the lead singer of the rock band Van Halen for a period of time. He also owns the resort Cabo Wabo as well as the tequila of the same name.
So what great information did i learn from his letter? It wasn’t so much what was inside as the fact this busy man took time to sit down and hand write me a letter. If course it was a chance to be grateful,but more than that it reminded me the importance and effect that reaching out to others can have. We may not all be celebrities,  but we all have an area of expertise that we can share with others. In the last few months i have been approached by several people looking for advice on writing their first book. Currently I work 7 days a week at 5 different jobs. So time for myself and with my beautiful lady is precious. Still every time i am tempted to say no i recall how good it felt to receive that letter from a rock n roll icon. Ask yourself, what area of knowledge are you able to lend a hand to others in? Is there someone you could encourage that would really inspire them? I have learned that everything from my writing experience to the divine love a share with my Margie can inspire. So i put forth this idea, think of ways you can inspire and help those around you. Do it today and you will be surprised who may help and encourage you.

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