valuable treasure

“Just because a treasure is not valued, does not make that treasure less valuable.”

-Neil Panosian

Ok, yes I did it. I just quoted myself. Am I having a fit of narcissism? Am I running dangerously low on material? The answer to both is no. If you do have any other ideas you would like to add to the secret2anamazinglife website please feel free to let me know. This is just one of those statements that came out of my mouth once and I had to take a step back and go “Wow, that is so true!” Let me explain the meaning behind the quote. Quite often if we lose a lover, a friend or a job our very first question may be “what is wrong with me?” That is not always a bad thing as it helps us look at our role in the situation. Were we not attentive enough lover? Did we take our friends for granted? Did we not do our best at our job? These are all good questions, but there is something more to remember. Sometimes we have done nothing wrong. Here is my honest opinion, each one of us is a treasure. Not only because you are spending your valuable time reading all these words I write, but you are either doing so because you are genuinely interested in discovering ways to improve your life or you are a really good friend of mine who is just that supportive. Either way, you are amazing. When you “fail” in a situation and you start to feel a little shine has been taken off your apple, remember two very important things. One, the shine on apples is usually from a wax that is put on so you are better off without it. More importantly, maybe everybody was full.  What do I mean by that? Let’s use another analogy. When you think of treasure what do you picture? Jewels? Diamonds? Gold? We are each diamonds to the world in our own way. Very valuable, priceless. People pay their life’s savings for diamonds, yet what good would a diamond be to a starving man on a deserted island? Sometimes our treasure is just not as valuable to the situation. Other times the other person can’t understand the true value of the treasure. If you showed a diamond to a baby they would appreciate it no more than any other sparkling object. So when someone doesn’t appreciate the treasure that is you, just remember it doesn’t make you any less valuable, They may just not know any better like the baby. Take your shining diamond somewhere it will be appreciated for its full value. You are all treasures my friends!


If you aren’t stumbling you aren’t moving forward. This was the exact thought I shared with a friend who was dismayed at her attempts to get over a bad relationship and move forward.  It was only after our conversation I realized the true power of what I had said.  Think of any situation in life.  Learning to play an instrument, starting a new job, all the way down to when we did first learn to walk.  Did you just start slow and keep getting better?  How did you get better? In every situation there was some stumbling, either literally in the last example or figuratively in the first two.  By making mistakes we are moving forward.  I often learn the most about people after we have a disagreement about something.  I also learn the most and remember the best after I make a big mistake.  Think of some of the most physical or emotionally painful things that have happened to you.  There are usually followed by the phrase “I’ll never do that again”.  To our credit, most of us don’t, with the glaring exception of celebrating too much on a Friday night.  The truth is, quite often the more painful the lesson, the more powerful the lesson.  Whenever we are trying to accomplish something great we will always suffer some measure of defeat.  The ones who accomplish greatness are the ones who don’t let it stop them.  So next time you catch yourself stumbling remember at least you are moving forward.  It is not possible to stumble while standing still.


What if you could learn the secret tool that Einstein used to develop a good portion of his theories?  What if it was the same tool that helped a famous engineer design many of the products he patented? What if I told you this same secret was used by successful authors, business people, and other successful people of all areas? Would you want to know it? What if I told you this secret would cost you less than a $1? Well here is the great secret.  It will help you access the mountain of untapped knowledge trapped in your subconscious mind.  It is…a pen and a pocket-size notebook.  Now before you find yourself feeling disappointed. Let me explain.  Have you ever caught yourself having a flash of brilliance where you come up with a solution you have been working on for months?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, it didn’t just happen at that moment. Your subconscious had been working in the background on it for days, weeks, months or who knows how long.  Same goes for flashes of inspiration.  How many times has this happened to you?  How many times have you struggled to remember what it was ten minutes later? something to the effect of “I had the perfect gift for my aunt, but now I can’t remember what it was” Now not all your ideas will seem so great later on, but the majority just might.  Not only will it relieve some frustration and help you be more productive, it also helps train your subconscious how to communicate with your conscious thus bringing about more knowledge for you to work with.  So before you dismiss this as old-fashioned, or not useful just remember we wouldn’t have E=mc2 without it.  If you still worry about looking funny with a pen and paper with you, they also make great new apps for tablets and smart phones that are just like notebooks. You will be amazed and excited at all the great ideas you capture!


Every so often an idea comes across me that has me super excited.  This happens to be one of those ideas.  A friend of mine who follows this blog shared with me a trick he uses to bring about feelings of gratitude for his financial situation.  He also gave me permission to share it here with you and in my upcoming book.  Money, let’s face it that has to be one of the most stressful issues for a lot of us.  Especially if you end up with too much month at the end of the money as I so often do.  This young man was in the same kind of situation and it got so bad every time he went into his wallet to pay for something he got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.  He didn’t even feel like eating.  Which, he noted helped him spend a little less, but not the way he really wanted to.  He decided he had enough of feeling that way and developed a process that I felt was ingenious and can’t wait to try.  On a business size card of paper he wrote the word ‘GRATITUDE’ in very colorful letters. He had it laminated at a local office supply store.  Then he placed it in his wallet.  Simple enough right?  Well every time he opened his wallet now he saw the gratitude card which he had placed up front.  He then paused, and felt grateful he was able to make the purchase.  “It was hard at first” he told me. Even though he tried to be grateful for the moments purchase his mind kept reminding him of all the other purchases he needed to make that he couldn’t.  This happens because our brains have operated in the same manner for years.  After a while, this man was able to focus on only the present situation and his ability to be thankful for what he was paying for.  With a little tweaking I believe I have come up with a way to take this young man’s amazing idea and make it quicker, easier and more powerful.  In addition to the word gratitude on the card I suggest adding a special thought/prayer/mantra that evokes feelings of gratitude for you.  It could be a bible verse about being thankful, a quote from a famous person or just some words you have come up with on your own.  An example would be “I am so grateful for the abundance flowing through me now that allows me to make this purchase as well as the abundance flowing to me in the future so I can make more purchases”

This helps in two ways. One, it takes the thinking out of the process so you do not have to worry about coming up with just the right words and can just focus on being grateful.  Two, the words already assist you in feeling grateful and can help eliminate the struggles our friend had early on.  If you noticed I also added a line about being grateful for future abundance.  This helps by focusing your subconscious mind on opportunities for future abundance that it knows must come. In the worst case this idea will leave you with a better feeling about your financial situation.  In the case of our friend he now has a better control over his financial situation and even has started a savings account, which yes, he also feels grateful when he deposits into it.  So who knows, it may even help you turn your financial situation around.  Either way, I am printing out my card today!

driving toward your future

Every Friday I try to leave you all with something to ponder. This came to me ironically while pulling out of my parking space leaving our fine state fair.  I was backing up and looking in the rear view mirror. The I shifted into drive, but before I could start to pull away some people were yelling right outside my window and took my attention away for a second.  When I saw that it was nothing serious I went back to focusing on leaving my parking space.  Forgetting I had already put it in drive, I looked in the rear view mirror and took my foot off the accelerator.  Imagine my surprise when the car began to move forward! I immediately applied the brake and thought “That could have been bad” Mind you all this took a second, but as I did pull out of my parking thought I was struck with what a powerful metaphor this is for life.  Can you imagine trying to drive forward to work, while only looking in your rear view mirror?  First it would take forever and second you would be extremely lucky if you arrived at all.  Now what does this have to do with living an amazing life?  What struck me, which was luckily not another car, was how many of us do this on a daily basis over and over again?  I am not saying the road is filled with crazy drivers, although some days that is debatable.  What I am saying is this, how many of us are striving toward a new future while focused on the past?  It just doesn’t work.  How many times have we heard friends, or even ourselves say “The last person I dated was dishonest so I am going to have a hard time trusting in my new relationship”  You are staring in the rear view mirror focusing on your past hurts until BAM! your current relationship crashes due to your ‘trust issues’. How many future ideas and adventures have you passed on because you were focused on past failures?  I’m not saying we shouldn’t learn from our past and adjust for the future or even just look back to admire where we were and how far we have come.  Just like in driving where you are supposed to ‘glance in the rear view mirror every eight seconds’ I suggest that is what you do with life. You’ll have a lot better results when focused on what is around you and what is coming at you. Remember you can never drive into the future looking into the review mirror.  Oh, and as a side note, please use your turn signal.

It makes scents

In two other posts we shared how to use two of the senses to infuse joy into your life.  We used hearing in the post titled ‘Happy CD’ and we used vision in the post titled ‘Vision Board’.  If you are not familiar with those I would suggest going back in the archives and rereading them.  Well we are now moving on to our third sense, smell.  How powerful is the sense of smell.  Some say it is one of the most powerful senses for bringing up memories.  Realtors use the scent of baking chocolate chip cookies to try to sell homes.  Here is a more powerful example I heard of recently.  A medical university studied the power of smell on a group of rats.  Now I know what your thinking, rats are not people.  In which case I encourage you to come check out the bar I work at.  In all seriousness, here is how the experiment went.  The had two groups of rats, one the injected with a chemical that causes cancer.  Just enough where it would begin to tear down the rats cells, but not enough to cause the cancer to grow.  In the second group they gave a super vitamin shot to.  After doing both they filled the rat’s tank with the smell of camphor.  They did this over and over.  Finally all they did was release the scent of camphor with no chemicals.  What do you think happened? The one group of rats continued to progress towards developing cancer while the other group continued their upward healthy spiral.

So how can we apply this to you and me?  Well if we are trying to sell our homes, bake cookies and stay away from rats that smell like camphor.  Seriously, think of a fragrance that you enjoy.  I rather like the scent of coconut because it reminds me of vacation and lovely ladies covered in tanning oil.  I also like the scent of spiced rum, but if you were to go around smelling rum, you may be tempted to drink said rum and that may not always be appropriate.  Back to our post today.  I suggest figuring out what scent inspires you.  Does the scent of pine make you think of the woods and adventure?  Vanilla give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Whatever it is, get yourself a nice bottle of essential oils.  I know a lot of people like ‘Young Living’ oils, but any quality essential oil will do.  A lot of homeopathic stores, or organic grocery stores will have them.  Keep it in your car, at the office, or wherever you may need it.  I have a bottle of peppermint at the office that gives me a quick pick me up with I need it. Just one more quick tool to change your state when you need it


Evaluations, we all do them every day.  What is an evaluation?  It is really a question.  Was that concert good last night?  How good was the concert last night?  What does all this have to do with you and living an amazing life?  Another good question.  Here is what I hope you will find to be a good answer.  Asking yourself the proper questions can make all the difference between success and failure.  It is another way to take advantage of the way the brain works.  Let me give you an example.  I have a friend who constantly dates men who are not right for her.  After the relationship fails she always asks the same question, “how could I be so stupid?”  When your brain hears this it subconsciously goes to work on finding out why you could be so stupid and usually supplies the conscious mind with several answers.  Normally when you receive answers to questions you ask it should make you happy?  If you are always asking disempowering question like the one above, or see if you can ever remember asking yourself questions like these. “Why does this always happen to me?”  ” How come I can never get this right?” “How come I can never get ahead?” These are all perfect examples of questions that will lead you nowhere.  Start asking yourself empowering questions.  If you find yourself always dating the wrong person, ask yourself “What can I learn from this?” or one of my favorites is “What do I have to be grateful for in this situation?”.  Sometimes the little devil on your shoulder will scream “Nothing you idiot, this situation sucks!”  Even if it does, there is always something to be grateful for.  So how do we get past that little negative voice in your ear?  This is where fun things like tricking your own mind comes into play.  Ok, so I don’t feel like being grateful for anything, but if I did want to find something to be grateful/happy/optimistic about what would that be.  That way you are giving that voice room to do its thing while still focusing on the positive.  So pay attention to the questions you ask yourself. They can literally empower or disempower you.  So do yourself a favor and ask the right question.


I was listening to a cd the other day.  I want to say it was one by Tony Robbins.  It reminded me of a situation that often gets under my skin.  Now I try not to let too many things get to me, but here is something that does.  Perhaps you know someone who does this.  Perhaps you, yourself are guilty of it as I think we all are at some point in our lives.  The question is simple, How do you get to have the tallest building in town.  There are two answers.  Which one you choose goes to show a lot about the kind of life you are living at the time and the kind you are going to live in the future.  The two choices are simple.  If you want the tallest building in town you can either knock everyone else’s down or you can work on your own.  Now I think the answer as to which is better is fairly obvious.  Still, how many of us hear people, or ourselves put people down, or minimize their accomplishments because we don’t feel strongly about our own?  This causes us three kinds of problems.  First, when people hear you belittling someone else’s life, they think, even subconsciously, “how are they talking about me when I am not around?”  This may lead to mistrust on the part of your friends, or at the very least, a lack of desire to share details of their life with you.  What that gets you is relationships that are not as close and beneficial as they could be.  Second, when we put down someone else, it is because we feel inferior to them in some fashion.  By putting them down, instead of forcing ourselves to work harder we provide ourselves an excuse not to improve our lives.  In other words work on our own building.  Lastly, when it comes to the law of attraction, when we celebrate our friends, and even our enemies victories no matter how hard that may be, it draws the same thing to us.  In simple terms, when you finally achieve a goal do you want everyone putting you down? Saying you succeeded just because “you were lucky” or “got all the breaks” I would guess the answer would be no.  So next time you hear of someone’s success. Cheer them on.  Celebrate as if the success was your own.  You will make them feel better and life will work better for you.  If we all just worked on own buildings we would build a far better city, and a far better planet.  We can’t control what other’s do anyway, so let us just focus on us.  Start the positive revolution one person at a time.


If you are reading this blog when it is first published, chances are it is Monday.  The day most of us start the weekly struggle.  Sometimes by the end of the day we feel defeated.  I know there are days when working with the public, or even just our bosses can make us feel like we took a real beating.  You can feel worthless, insignificant, and lonely.  At times like these it is important to remember you have already won!  What on earth am I talking about?  Have I lost my mind so early in the week?  We will answer the first question as the second one is still open for debate.  Have you ever stopped and thought about all that had to happen just for you to be here?  Out of all the millions of sperm cells fighting to give you those chromosomes, and finding that one egg to pair with.  Then all the medical challenges faced for you to develop healthy and whole.  Were you born with a physical or other medical challenge?  Pat yourself on the back even more.  You see all of us have survived to see this day.  You have made it to read this.  We have made it through childhood, through sicknesses, through various dangers on the street.  Some of us have made it through wars, or are police making it through dangers every day.  Each day we come home to fall asleep and wake to start again we have conquered another day.  Sure we may not have had our bosses reports done on time, we may have been late to work, not been the perfect parent or spouse, but we made it. We are undefeated!  Each and every day things challenge us.  From sickness, financial strain and even loved ones passing away.  Each day we make it through we should tell ourselves how proud we are.  For countless others who didn’t, we did.  We made it through.  So when you feel like you may have failed in some capacity, remember even before we tried we were already champions!


I was reading a very interesting book entitled “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.  In it they give a great idea for staying motivated and providing us an extra tool in living an amazing life.  Pick a hero, someone you aspire to.  If your goal is to give of yourself to those less fortunate, perhaps a picture of Mother Theresa would be good.  If you wish to be a fine leader of men, maybe George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.  Even a picture of your father or mother if they represent the person you wish to become.  Then when challenges arise, as they must in order for us to grow, pull out your picture. If you have it hanging on the wall so you can see it every day, so much the better.  I might suggest hanging it next to your Vision Board.  That way you can have a double dose of inspiration right away.  If you are not sure what a vision board is I welcome you to read that blog post from earlier.  If you need a picture of me, feel free to use the one from my profile page on this site.  In all seriousness, when you are troubled, look at your picture and picture what the person you have chosen would do.  Of course you may need a few of these ‘heroes’ depending on what advice you are seeking.  You may even ask, the picture “Mr. Lincoln (or whoever you have chosen) what would you do?”  Now obviously the picture will not answer and if it does, come back when you have had less to drink, or seek professional help.  What this does do, however, is get our minds both conscious and subconscious focused on the person, who really just represents a set of ideals and values we aspire to, and our own situation.  An answer will not usually come right that second, but sometime throughout the day it may just pop in your head when you least expect it.  I cannot tell you how many times a day things just pop in my head, but in this case it will be something useful.  You may have to ask several times, or sleep on it, but it will sure keep you focused on the way to act that would best achieve your goals. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you on Monday with more secrets to an amazing life!