If you are reading this blog when it is first published, chances are it is Monday.  The day most of us start the weekly struggle.  Sometimes by the end of the day we feel defeated.  I know there are days when working with the public, or even just our bosses can make us feel like we took a real beating.  You can feel worthless, insignificant, and lonely.  At times like these it is important to remember you have already won!  What on earth am I talking about?  Have I lost my mind so early in the week?  We will answer the first question as the second one is still open for debate.  Have you ever stopped and thought about all that had to happen just for you to be here?  Out of all the millions of sperm cells fighting to give you those chromosomes, and finding that one egg to pair with.  Then all the medical challenges faced for you to develop healthy and whole.  Were you born with a physical or other medical challenge?  Pat yourself on the back even more.  You see all of us have survived to see this day.  You have made it to read this.  We have made it through childhood, through sicknesses, through various dangers on the street.  Some of us have made it through wars, or are police making it through dangers every day.  Each day we come home to fall asleep and wake to start again we have conquered another day.  Sure we may not have had our bosses reports done on time, we may have been late to work, not been the perfect parent or spouse, but we made it. We are undefeated!  Each and every day things challenge us.  From sickness, financial strain and even loved ones passing away.  Each day we make it through we should tell ourselves how proud we are.  For countless others who didn’t, we did.  We made it through.  So when you feel like you may have failed in some capacity, remember even before we tried we were already champions!

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