One of the many perks that occurs as you embark down the path of a positive life is this, you start to find inspiration everywhere.  For example, I received a kindle for my birthday last year.  It has saved me tons of room in my already over-crowded personal library.  One of the other fabulous things it comes with is some games to play when you just feel like relaxing.  Solitaire has always been one of my favorites.  I used to play with my Grandmother when she was alive.  We would spend a solid afternoon just relaxing and playing cards.  It was a good time to discuss whatever was on our mind and I am forever thankful for those memories.  So the portable electronic version is quite handy.  No need for a lot of space or a deck of cards.  It keeps the mind sharp and provides entertainment as you wait at the doctor, dentist or other such fun places.  Ok, that is all well and good, but what does this have to do with inspiration?  Great question.  The other day I had noticed a few lessons I can take from the game and apply them to life.  First the hand you are dealt.  Sometimes you begin with a hand that looks like you are doomed before you begin.  Such can be the case in life as well.  We are born in the wrong economy, or on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’.  Many people use these as justifications.  What they really are is excuses.  Much like in the game of solitaire,  a few right moves and we can turn things around completely.  I have started a game thinking there is no way I’ll win this hand, but sure enough I just keep playing and I come out a winner.  So when looking at a situation that seems impossible I think of that card game and remember sometimes the worst deal can lead to the best game.

Another fabulous feature of the electronic version is at the very bottom of the screen it has a little ‘help’ button.  Sometimes I can’t seem to find a move and I think I have lost the game.  I push the little help button and it shows me one little move I may have missed.  Suddenly one move leads to two, two moves lead to three and so on.  Before you know it I have won the game.  Ok, I can only imagine what your thinking.  Unlike the staples commercials or this game, life does not have an ‘easy’ or ‘help’ button.  On the contrary, it does.  These help buttons are called friends, co-workers, books.  Sometimes it even comes in the form of just taking a break or step back and examining our path so far.

So remember, when you think you have been dealt a losing hand or the game has been lost.  Keep playing.  Push the help button if you need to.  You never know when you will come out a winner.

The very last lesson I learned from this one simple game?  Even if you do find yourself a ‘loser’ in one particular game, you can always deal a new hand and start over.  There is always the next game.  May all your games be victories today!

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