For those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time, or happen to know me in person, are aware one of my many jobs is a bartender.  Here I have the great fortune of meeting all different kinds of people and hearing all different kinds of opinions and ideas.  The other day it was brought to my attention that I would be the perfect bartender for “Happy hour” since I am the one who does a blog and is writing a book all about happiness. After a good round of laughter I got to thinking. Why is ‘Happy Hour’ strictly a bar idea?  I think we each deserve to come up with our own happy hour.  If you can’t do a full hour, perhaps fifteen to thirty minutes? Make even more fun, find a group of like-minded friends and all meet for different happy hours.  Ladies, maybe all meet at the salon for a manicure.  Gentlemen, maybe meet in the park and throw a football around.  Either way, decide that time should be devoted to being happy.  Not complaining about work or our spouses, but just discussing fun and exciting topics that all enjoy.  If you would prefer a quite moment of solitude enjoying your coffee beverage do that! While I certainly do not wish to take people away from the bars (and be sure to treat your bartender great while you are there) Why limit our happy hour to that schedule and that location.  Let’s take a chapter from their book and create our own fun and unique happy hours!

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