Playing at the soda fountain

Seeing as today is my birthday, I thought I would do a post about one of the important elements of an amazing life. Maintaining a youthful spirit.  Who wouldn’t want to remain young forever?  Less aches and pains, fewer responsibilities, more fun.  Well, there are lots of ways from a physical standpoint to remain young.  Some we looked at in previous posts, some we will look at in future posts.  Today, however, we are going to look at the youthful spirit.  Remember when everything in life seemed magical?  When the park at the end of the block held the promise of day long adventure?  How do we manage to recapture that view of the world while remaining serious responsible adults? Part of that is realizing we can’t do both.  I have a few stories to demonstrate what I am talking about.  The other day I was at a local establishment for lunch and was watching a young man about 6 years old mixing up a new flavor between six different soft drink flavors.  His mom caught him in the act and ran over to put a stop to it.  “Stop that, just pick one and sit down”.  The kid did as he was told and sat down the smile gone from his face.  I began to ponder, other than the terrible effects of drinking soft drinks, what is the harm in mixing five or six together? Sure it is not the responsible thing to do, but it is sure fun.  So I grabbed my cup and proceeded to do just that.  Some adults looked at me a little funny, but it took me back to when I was a young man.

My next story comes from this past Saturday.  My sister and some friends had taken me out for my birthday.  On our way to try some new tikki bar she found some songs she used to like when she, and her friends liked when they were about ten.  These were songs that were long past popular and would not be considered ‘cool’ anymore to anyone who may have been listening.  They turned them up and started singing and dancing along. To all those who may have been driving by we probably looked crazy, but we were having fun!  Not to mention for those few minutes everybody was taken back to the time when that song had come out.

In both of these stories people may look at you as if you are being ‘immature’ or just plain crazy.  If it were not for the fact that people already know I’m crazy I might get that more often too.  So this week I encourage you to find something you used to do when you were young.  Go to the mall and try on every goofy hat at the store while you look in the mirror.  If you are still concerned with how people may look at you, try something a little more secret.  Go for a walk in the park imagining you are walking in a mystical jungle, or turn on a movie at home from your youth and sing and dance along.  It will give you a shot of youthful exuberance that we all need. Who knows, those aches and pains may disappear for a minute or two as well.


For those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time, or happen to know me in person, are aware one of my many jobs is a bartender.  Here I have the great fortune of meeting all different kinds of people and hearing all different kinds of opinions and ideas.  The other day it was brought to my attention that I would be the perfect bartender for “Happy hour” since I am the one who does a blog and is writing a book all about happiness. After a good round of laughter I got to thinking. Why is ‘Happy Hour’ strictly a bar idea?  I think we each deserve to come up with our own happy hour.  If you can’t do a full hour, perhaps fifteen to thirty minutes? Make even more fun, find a group of like-minded friends and all meet for different happy hours.  Ladies, maybe all meet at the salon for a manicure.  Gentlemen, maybe meet in the park and throw a football around.  Either way, decide that time should be devoted to being happy.  Not complaining about work or our spouses, but just discussing fun and exciting topics that all enjoy.  If you would prefer a quite moment of solitude enjoying your coffee beverage do that! While I certainly do not wish to take people away from the bars (and be sure to treat your bartender great while you are there) Why limit our happy hour to that schedule and that location.  Let’s take a chapter from their book and create our own fun and unique happy hours!