Yesterday we discussed having a ‘big picture’ idea to focus on.  We also discussed how you can use both the time leading up to it to build excitement as well as the time following to enjoy all the memories.  Today we are going to focus specifically on something you do daily.  What is it you ask?  That is a great question.  Think, what is the one thing you look forward daily that brings you joy and helps make your life a little bit better?  Do you take 10 minutes to yourself to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a few pages of a good book?  Perhaps you race right from work to pick up the kids from school and then straight home to start dinner so there will be time for homework and still have everyone in bed at a somewhat decent hour.  Throw in soccer practice or a Recital or two and just the thought of it makes you crave that glass of wine!  Here is a little secret,  we all need a daily joy ritual.  Time may seem to short as it is, but ask your self one very important question.  How long can you keep it up?  We even give our cars a break every 3000 miles.  I know lots of people I swear go more than that before they stop to take any time to themselves.  What would happen to your car if you just kept driving it because you never had time to change the oil?  Would it perform at it’s best?  Of course not.  Neither would we.  Tempers become shorter and immune systems become run down.  So what to do?  Plan time for yourself. If this makes you feel even slightly guilty, think of it as your ‘oil change’.  When you return you will be able to help those around you that much better.  You may be asking “what can I really do in 5-10 minutes that will make a difference?”.  I suggest some form of meditation.  Now before you start picturing yourself in a complicated yoga pose, holding a lotus flower, let me reassure you there are plenty of forms of meditation.  Even the western scientific world has started to acknowledge the benefits of meditation.  Sharper focus,  less stress, stronger immune system, more energy, better sleep.  With all these benefits you might find yourself finding a little more than five minutes.  Still not sure about this meditation thing?  I suggest looking into a few books.  I’ve read one full of relaxation techniques that only take a minute.  Reading and research still sound a bit to stressful for you?  There are tons of guided meditation cds and dvd’s you can purchase.  Just push play and the rest is done for you.  One of the best websites I recommend is brainsync.com they have a cd for almost any person interested in a moment to themselves.  After all, with all that running around, don’t you deserve it?  Ok, off to find my lotus flower

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