One interesting issue that seems to develop as we grow older is our focus on our troubles instead our successes.  Recently I saw a saying that read “Don’t focus on the 10% that is wrong and ignore the 90% that is right” I’m as guilty of this as anyone.  You have one problem at work and that seems to be all you can focus on.  One interesting way to combat this is to right now make a list of all the assets you have.  Most people have more than they think.  As this blog has grown I have met people who know about blogs, people who study the law of attraction, people who have contributed great ideas for living a positive life.  I am often left in awe thinking “I didn’t know that about that person”. So I have formed a list.  It also includes a list of people who make me smile when I am around them, movies that make me laugh, books that I enjoy reading.  Like the ‘Happy CD’ in the post earlier, lists like this ideally should be made when we are in a good mood and can be amended as life shows us new and exciting blessings we never knew we had.  Then, when life delivers us that ill-timed blow, we can pull out our list to find things we enjoy or to just appreciate how much we still have that is going right.

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