If you had to pause a minute to answer this, or worse yet, you have to answer ‘nothing’, we have a problem on our hands.  Our days can be filled with one responsibility after another.  Chores that have to be done.  Deadlines that have to be met.  People to meet, places to go as they say.  Well, what keeps us going is having a little something to look forward to.  I hear a lot of you responding “yeah friday, 5 o’clock”  While the weekend is certainly fun, we can’t live our lives dreading 5 days and enjoying 2.  No, I am talking about both big picture and daily.  First let’s look at big picture.  Plan a get away with a group of friends.  Make it months down the road so you can work out vacation time and child care and any other needs that may arise.  It need not be a trip to Vegas, although that can be fun.  Even a weekend get away at a cabin in the woods with the girls or the guys can be a blast.  Fun thing is, you can spend the days, weeks and months leading up to it doing fun things to get ready.  Maybe taking out the sleeping bags to make sure they’re clean.  Picking up a good bottle of wine to share.  Anything that can get you excited.  Plus, sharing with friends can keep all of you looking forward.  How much more fun would that work meeting be if in the middle of it you receive a picture message of your favorite wine with a caption that reads “Here’s to next month” or a picture of a campfire with the words “don’t forget the marshmallows”.  A female friend of mine even worked out with her husband to take the kids to a hotel with a water park while her and her girlfriends had an ‘adult sleep over’ for the evening.  They all brought something and stayed up all night drinking wine, watching movies and laughing.  As sad as it can be when it’s over, your left with fun memories and an eagerness to plan the next event.  This also has the added bonus of strengthening friendships, or relationships if you do it with your spouse, and that can always add joy to our lives.  So what are you waiting for?  Get some friends, or your spouse together and start planing some fun!! Tomorrow we will discuss the daily aspect of this.


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