I know it takes a little effort to be on the lookout for positivity on a daily basis (it can be a really great habit once you get used to it) so why not have it delivered right to you?  As a postal worker I see that almost every cause, hobby and interest has a magazine to go with it.  So imagine my excitement when walking through the bookstore I discovered a new publication dedicated to living a more rewarding life! I could not wait to sit down and share it with my readers interested in loving their lives more.  The magazine is simply titled “Law of Attraction” and it is filled with ways to feel younger, happier and healthier.  As well as tips to increase the amount of Love, prosperity and gratitude in your life.  So check out both their website and Facebook page listed here.  I am always happy to share any new discovery of things that can increase the quality of our lives and ask you to feel free to do the same!

Please feel free to let me know what you thought.


  1. The Law of Attraction has been working wonders for my life. I cannot believe I existed so long without knowing about it and utilizing it daily. I feel sorry for those that won’t open up their minds and BELIEVE. For anything that you want in life… ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE. Do it from your heart…the results will astound you. Neil, I am not sure if this goes to your email address but it has been such a pleasure meeting you! Amazing how things happen and I am pleased to have found someone else that is a believer too! I have more packages to mail so will see you real soon! 🙂


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