My second day with the CORONAVIRUS seemed filled with phone calls. I spoke with the West Allis health department. They sent me a quarantine contract. Basically, saying that I agree to stay home until I feel better. The local CBS affiliate interviewed me and allowed me to share my story.

In regards to symptoms, they seem to get better and then get worse. My shortness of breath seems to stay strong. My headaches are less frequent and less severe.

In terms of medical advice, everyone seems ignorant as to what the next step is. The more questions I ask, the more I hear “I don’t know. ” which is to be expected. One strange plus is when watching the news I feel almost distant. All the conversation on the news is avoiding getting the virus. Once you have it… that really doesn’t apply.

Breathing through a mask is rather challenging. The fever aspect is also coming and going. I have been taking some vitamin C, garlic and elderberry. Drinking hot tea and coffee as they recommend. It doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference either way.

Looking toward the future, I’m dreading going back to work where I’m sure my boss will continue to blame me for “all the trouble I’ve caused” That is a worry for another day however. Right not my focus is finding new ways for my beautiful love and I to entertain ourselves without being too close.


  1. Getting fluids, rest and food when you feel like it will be the main thing, while self-isolating.
    When the time comes for work, that boss cannot treat you like that. The virus is not your fault and it so easily could have been him getting it first. Not that he is safe at the moment, as this virus has to peak around the world.

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