We have all heard advice that just makes us stop and really think.  Sometimes that advice can come from a good book, maybe a seminar we attended or a wise person we come across. My event happened to fall into the last category. My lady and I were attending the ‘national night out’ in West Allis where we live. It is a gathering of local business and services to bring the community together.  Lots of fun. 

We came across a man we knew who was there with his young children. His daughter was enjoying multiple ears of roasted corn listening to our conversation. When suddenly she said “didn’t you write smiles?” Referring to my book A Happy Life for Busy People I told her I did which seem to delight her.  When we ended the conversation by informing the man we knew that we had to go to work the young lady asked me “why don’t you stay home and write books?” Now anyone who knows me would understand that is the goal.  Of course as I was about to explain how I still had to pay the bills she followed with even another profound statement.  “That’s how you will become famous like…” and mentioned another famous author. 

As the night went on I began to think how right she was.  It is only through writing I’m going to get where I need to be. Instead of waiting until I can afford to write full time, I need to write full time in order to afford to. It was a motivating and valuable lesson taught to me by a very young teacher. 

So keep your ears open and work on your dreams.  That is the message this young lady gave me and I’m passing along to you. 


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