These 3 simple things can change your world and everyone involved in it. The first one compliment people is very important. Our lives are full of people trying to criticize or even sometimes just waiting to prove what’s wrong. By being the person who always looks what’s right in a person you will be the one everyone looks forward to seeing. You will not only make them feel good but you will feel good about how enthusiastic everyone greets you. The second one magnify their strengths is equally as important. People love to hear what it is that they do well. Which is why the third one not their weaknesses is important. Truly when there is something wrong with those we care about we do like to let them know but trust me there are plenty of people and sometimes even the mirror to let them know what they have to improve on. Plus when we build people up they will also want to improve every area of their lives. So try these three things today and see how the lives of those around you and your life as well improve

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