Tonight marks the end of me bartending at the bar I’ve been at for the last four years. Quite honestly, it could be the beginning of the end of my bartending all together. Although I have been bartending for 21 years and consider myself very good at it the time has come to move on. So while this is the end of an Era,  it also is the beginning of so much more. For those of you who enjoy reading these posts there will be more of them and I will be better able to think and focus on creating them. There are relationships and friendships i want to grow and develop. There are YouTube videos i am doing which can be found under my name, Neil Panosian.  Feel free to check them out and give some feedback.  There is also my next book which should have been out months ago.
What does all of this have to do with an amazing life? A lot.  Even though this end has been my choosing, i have experienced lots of ends that were not my choice. No doubt you have as well. Jobs,  relationships, even things like dinners with friends and a night on the town. They all have to end. The secret is to remember every end is a new beginning. Napoleon Hill once said “in the greatest challenge lies the seed for the greatest opportunity” if all of this sounds a bit too positive thinking and new age for you, let me ask you a question. What do you think is the ‘right’ way to handle things? Sit and stare at what was feeling sad and depressed as you waste your future away? Sure all of this is easier said than done especially if you are the one who has lost their job,or husband or wife.  There is a trick that might help. Start now by reading stories of people who have picked themselves up from the bottom and succeeded beyond what they could have. Prove to yourself it can be done. It is true we can’t control outside circumstances, but we have complete control over what we will let them mean to us and how to react to them. Make your decision now!  How will you react to life’s challenges?  Do you have any tips to help others do so? Feel free to leave them here

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