What language do you speak?

The voice in my head asked me a very interesting question the other day.  Which is amazing because usually it is mentioning something about rum or pizza.  Terrible vices aside, the question was “How many different languages are there in the world?”.  To skip you from having to leave this site and head to Google, the answer, though debated is in the neighborhood of 6500.  Why on earth is this relevant, and what does it have to do with living an amazing life?  That is another great question and one that leads us to my next point.   In the past how many things have we tried learning that just never ‘clicked’?  I know I have quite a few.  English language for one, which is ironic considering my book is almost complete.  Maybe playing a certain musical instrument? Cooking a certain dish? Math? Science? History? Some of us just find a way to get through the subject and hope we never have a call to use it later in life.  Imagine if we had applied this same logic when we were learning to walk, or to talk?  There are some people I may speculate did give up, but that is a topic for another day.  Truth is we just kept at it, often approaching the subject from every different angle.  I began to ponder how this related to learning how to transform your life.  Now before you think I am going to tell you to read a book on motivation written in Zulu when you live in Peru let us slow down for a minute.  Think of how many books you have seen or heard of on how to improve your life?  How many different life coaches are out there? We both know there are a lot in both categories. Why? If there is a magical secret do we need both “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”  as well as “Think and Grow Rich”?   If one person could teach us how to succeed in life to we need both the late Zig Ziglar as well as Tony Robbins?  The answer in short is ‘yes’.  To explain why, let me ask you another question.  Do they all agree?  To they all have the same plan and state it the same way?  You know the answer is no.  So who is right? They all are.  Then again, they all are wrong too.  Before you think I started listening to the rum voice in my head let me explain.  We all are unique creatures.  We all have had unique experiences.  That is why it is important to expose ourselves to as many different voices as we can.  I can think of no better field where this is so evident than self-improvement.  Haven’t you ever been having a conversation with a group of people and had to ask someone “What are they trying to say?” When your friend explains it, suddenly you discover that person was speaking a language you know and they are not crazy.  Ok, at least it should work that way most of the time.  The difference here is just the words being used. So remember to do yourself the service of exploring as many paths to motivation as you can and go with the one, or ones, that work for you.  I hope I will be one of them, but if not that is ok too. Just search and discover the voice that speaks to you!

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