Anyone who reads this blog or knows me personally knows that I am a big fan of keeping a journal.  There are several reasons why.  It is a great way to vent.  It may be an easier way for someone who has trouble expressing their feelings.  It is a great way to gain a little clarity when things seem overwhelming and confusing.  All of these are true, but a friend of mine recently gave me a great idea of a new benefit you can gain from writing down your thoughts and feelings.Usually I tell people, read your journal, or don’t read your journal.  That is not the point.  In fact, I rarely if ever go back and read what I have written.  I try to be as forward oriented as can be and view a journal as more of a cheap and private therapist.  Doing that I may have missed a great benefit.  Usually when keeping a journal people, myself included, tend to journal about things that may be trials at the moment. If we stick with that way of thinking and journal our journey through situations we are really creating our own reference and self-improvement book.  If we manage to solve the problem, we have a written formula for solving it should it occur in the future.  Also it serves as a great confidence builder that we have overcome challenges in the past, which may give us the courage to face the current problem.  Even if we didn’t solve the problem, we can gain valuable lessons it would did not work for us.  Knowing this can help us avoid trying the same solution next time, although each situation is unique.

So I stand corrected.  Feel free to look back at your journals.  Not to dwell in the past, but to see how far you have come and what you have overcome.  A lesson well learned by sharing a conversation about positivity with a great friend.

2 thoughts on “A NEW USE FOR AN OLD FRIEND…

  1. I may be missing out, too! I love to journal, but rarely look back. The rare times I have, however, I’m often suprised by answered prayers and goals I have met! Maybe I should try to make it a regular thing…


  2. I have had a journal is the past. Last week I read some of the old poems I wrote and I remember exactly how I felt when I wrote them. You can remember things that have happened in the past but you will never feel it again like reading your words or looking at pictures! So I decided I will start another journal soon. My life is so happy & peaceful & joyful right now, why not write this down and remember it later? Journals do not have to be only about hardships. I started my new journal today and I would like to say it has the word ‘Neil’ in it 😉


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