One of the greatest things about living a positive rewarding life is you are subconsciously attracting new joyous things into your life.  In the world we are surrounded daily by both beauty and ugliness. What you choose to focus on is what you will notice. Of course there are certainly things we can do to surround ourselves with one more than the other.  On my facebook page I subscribe to several inspirational and uplifting pages. Not only do they bring unexpected joy into my day, but quite often a bit more.  Just the other day I saw a picture on one of these pages of a little bird and below it read “Happiness is a bird with a french fry” It created an instant and poignant visual.  I think all of us have seen gulls in a parking lot having a field day with a few fries that may have escaped before their owners could consume them. I liked this phrase so much I decided to use it all that day.  When people asked “how are you?” I would answer “Happier than a bird with a french fry” Not only did it make me smile, but in almost every case it made the other person smile as well. So this week, stop and think of an inspiring response for the question “How are you?” or maybe several. Try them out.  Have fun with it. Enjoy and have a great week!

One thought on “A BIRD WITH A FRENCH FRY

  1. I had the pleasure of visiting with you today and asked; “how are you?” You responded; “Happier than a bird with a french-fry”. I immediately responded back with; “In the middle of winter”.

    It’s good to look at the positive side of things, as we tend to forget the many blessings we already have. A small french-fry may be insignificant to us, but could be the difference of life or death for the bird.

    We need to be thankful for what we have, like food, water, shelter, the good company of others and most of all to God for providing us with all these things.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is like us and tend to look at the negative things. I guess that’s why we are here; someone’s got to help these people have a better day!

    Keep up the good work!



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