Charm… charisma… mojo… there is many names for it. What is the secret of folks who seem to possess it is vast quantity? What do they all have in common?

Confidence. I recall a commercial for the aftershave skin bracer in which the actor Jack Palance utters the phrase “confidence is sexy, don’t you think?” Truth is, confidence really is sexy.

Let us take a good look at what genuine confidence is not. It is not the false bravado some people use to cover up their insecurity. It is not arrogance or other boreish behavior.

So what is confidence? It is appreciating the true fabulous nature inside each and every one of us. What if you find yourself drawing a blank when it comes to what is great about you. Would you feel better if you won a life and death contest where the odds were one billion to one you would lose? Guess what? You have. Roughly one billion sperm fight to fertilize the egg. The winning combination was you!

There are many other things. Some of us are good talkers, others are good listeners. Some are great storytellers, some are good singers. Some are high energy, some very relaxed. Confident people focus on their skills while knowing their weaknesses.

Another important trait of confident people is the desire to want everyone to win. If you love who you are, you should want your neighbor to feel the same. It is only insecure people who would like to see others fail.

Focus on your strengths. Realize what a miracle you are. Be confident! It’s sexy don’t you think?