This is me enjoying a ‘Mosaic’. It is a splendid combination of a crepe, mint ice cream and chocolate sauce. Once a year I find this delightful culinary treat at a local festival called ‘Bastille Days’. It is a festival celebrating the French culture. (Notice the Eiffel Tower behind me) Recently I have found an adorable blonde lady who is helping me appreciate the French culture a little more.

The funny thing about this dessert is the place that serves this dessert is about an hour away from my house. I suppose given a little bit of free time I could drive out there and get one most any day. Yet, scheduling it makes this a special moment and something to look forward to. Do you have events planned in the near future? If so, try thinking of every little thing you are looking forward to about them. Our Wisconsin State Fair is coming up soon which happens to be my favorite event every year. I am looking forward to going opening day with my lady and looking at our brick. Also, I am going with my mother on the day they give away awards for the best food. Thinking of, and planning all of these helps the excitement build and the moment more special.

Taking one example and putting it to work for us is what we are going to do here. I have many events coming up. A 5k run I am doing, my birthday on the 29th of this month, vacation shortly there after. Thinking about what I will enjoy about each and every activity will only make me more excited. Try to plan a dessert as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be food, just something special you are looking forward to.

Here is the best part, once you get good at doing this for things you enjoy you can try practicing it for things you do not enjoy so much. Hate going to the dentist? Maybe you can look forward to some books in the waiting room? Not looking forward to going to work? Think about a fun conversation with a coworker you can have. This takes practice, but really can improve your quality of life.

As always, I am interested in hearing your feedback on how this works for you and how you plan on using it.



Normally on this blog I feature videos on the weekend, and one will be coming tomorrow, but I feel the need to address yesterday’s events in France. When a senseless violent act occurs like happened to our brothers and sisters in Paris we are left asking ourselves questions like “why?” and “how?” i think our inability to understand comes from the fact that there is no reason for this kind of violence. We cannot understand it, because it cannot be understood. Yes, it can be explained. Motives can be put forth, questions surrounding the mental states of those committing this horrible act can be questioned, but even with all the answers trying to understand how we can continue to do this to one another is beyond comprehension.
To me is screams a sense of urgency. Both on a personal and national level. We cannot wait to strive for more understanding of our fellow brothers and sisters. We cannot wait to develop more compassion. We cannot wait to erase the prejudice and judgments of the past. The time is not tomorrow, the time is now. Do what you can to do this in your community, but do everything you can to do it in yourself. We are all victims of what happened in France. It makes all of our world a darker place. Mr Rogers spoke of seeing the helpers. I am going to take it one step further, it is time to be the helper. How? Do what we talked about above. Support organizations that being people together. Be a voice for peace and change. Most of all be so in your heart. Treat all you meet with love and compassion. If yesterday’s events taught us anything, it taught us we cannot wait!