Today, in the United States, where I live, we celebrate independence day. It is the day that our country became free from the rule of the British crown. My good friends across the pond, view today as a day of rebellion and a day they lost a large amount of colonies. I do suppose both are correct depending on what side of the pond you are on. That sets the stage for something I would love to talk about today – independence. Not everyone, in all countries, has the same degree of independence. There is one freedom that we all share and we should all make the most of. That freedom is the independence of thought. In our own minds we are free to think as we see fit. It is these very thoughts that go a long way to determine our lot in life.

Here is an important matter to remember. Everyone else has the same independence of thought that we do. In many political discussions this can be called into question. The same can be said for discussions on sports teams, favorite books and movies and almost everything we can think of in life. Margie and I have regular disagreements on many topics, but we respect each other’s independent way of thinking. In a household with two creative people, that is not only helpful I would say it is necessary. Is it not the same in your household? What about your circle of friends? How about your place of business?

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