At we are all about breaking down the secrets of self-improvement into fun, bite-sized pieces. In the big picture, what determines the quality of one’s life is the degree to which they are, or are not, happy. If you think of anything you want in life, and you ask yourself long enough why you want that thing, it will usually come back to a positive feeling. If we are speaking in broad examples, one great secret to living an amazing life is finding more things you enjoy, and doing them more often. This post is about one specific examples and all of the people who make it possible.

Two of my great enjoyments in life are writing and drinking coffee. As you can see, I am currently writing at the Starbucks close to my house. You may also notice that I brought along another great joy of my life, my lovely lady on my screensaver. On occasion, I drive a little bit further to a location that is further from my house and much closer to my work. Why would I drive an extra half hour for the same experience? The answer is, although it involves writing at a Starbucks, it is far from the same experience. Early this year, many of you may have remembered me sharing the story of Deb, who works at this location. She is always friendly and gave me the line, “Living the dream one drink at a time.” This was in reference to sharing smiles and joys with each customer she serves. The good news is, Deb is still there and still serving up joy with each cup.

Recently, they did me the honor of naming me ‘customer of the week’ which comes with a few free coffees. As you can see, I brought Margie along in person this time to share the fun of this. What I want to say is that the reason I choose to drive a little further is because they go the extra mile to make you feel special. I am not just talking about this week, but every day. We have already discussed Deb and the joy she brings to customers, but they have a whole team of all-stars. Not to long ago, this place went through a managerial change and I was a little concerned they might lose some of the great customer service. A few faces did leave, but let me tell you the amazing folks that are there and make this particular location so special.

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