This is one of my favorite quotes. In my quest to improve myself and share what I learned with others there have been quite a few detractors. I have actually been asked to not share my positive posts on certain sites (Nextdoor comes to mind) because people found them offensive. There are folks who believe that encouraging others to have hope and take control of their lives is unrealistic and counter productive. There are those who probably could use the information we share here together the most and just do not want to improve their lives. I have been called names, I have been told to keep my opinions to myself.

There were times, especially early on, when all of this would hurt and even times when it would begin to fill me with doubt. I even recall a gentleman who posted over 20 anger filled comments on one of my posts. Why? I used too many capital letters for his liking. One of the moments I recall from that episode is the frustration Margie had. She could not believe someone could be so offended by a post encouraging people to believe in themselves because it had too many capital letters. Indeed, it was rather absurd. I have always asked myself two very powerful questions. How can I use this? and What is good about this? In this case, I could use this to demonstrate restraint to this fellow who was eager to have me engage in low vibration discussion. I found the challenge rather exciting. Could I do it? I also had the unique challenge of calming the love of my life down. Speaking of Margie, she helped answer the second question. When thinking about what was good about this, her displaying such love for me and my message made my heart happy.

One thought on “IS IT ME OR IS IT THEM?

  1. Unbelievable, very sad place we live in today, where good is bad, and bad is good. Jesus Christ warned us of these days. Continue to be you no matter what, that’s the Hardest Test we are given from God. Continue to Spread the Love of God/Jesus Christ.


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