These are seeds. Small seeds as you can see by their comparison to the dime. If someone were to give you these seeds you may not think much about them. Judging by their size you may place them in a small plot of land in your back yard.

The seeds are much like us. Not sure what possibilities for growth lay inside. If we were to place these seeds in a pristine environment, say an enclosed case, what would happen? Not much. This situation is like our life no challenge, no growth.

If you take those same seeds, bury them in the dirt, cover them with heaps of fertilizer. Which can be exactly how life feels on occasion. Only then with some rain on top of that, the seeds begin to grow.

What do these small seeds turn into? Great thing to ask! Let us take a look.

The famous redwood tree. Big enough to drive a car through! From a seed smaller than a dime. Have you ever known people like this? They start from the humblest beginnings and turn into some of the greatest people society has known.

Ask yourself, what is inside of you? What is the challenges of life preparing you for? If it helps, get yourself some redwood seeds to remind you of what great things can come from the smallest beginnings.

2 thoughts on “IT IS IN YOU!!

  1. excellent! very similar to what I was thinking this week. remember that Fertile means seeing habits as mental herbicides as well. and lots of weeding! pull out those negative things as they take root! thanks again for a great reminder today- hope there’s not TOO much manure this week, and the lily unfolds beautifully!!! be well my friends, Momentummikey 🙂

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    1. I agree with MomentumMikey! Excellent analogy! I’ve noticed with some folks, you have to plant little seeds to begin their walk with God. As more seeds are planted, their belief and faith continues to grow! These seeds however, don’t take manure! LOL….

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