“Life is full of peaks and valleys, learn to find the beauty in both.” What a great thought. Let us take a literal look at both and then I will share a moment I just had that illustrates the point perfectly.

Let’s take peaks first. When you are on top of a peak, the world is great. You can see for miles. You can seem to look down on just about everything. You are, literally and figuratively on top of the world. Valleys, when you are in a valley you cannot see very far. To go anywhere you must go up. You are below anything you wish to look at.

Seems pretty cut and dry right? Peaks rock, valleys suck, end of story. Hold on one second. When you are on a peak, you have reached the pinnacle. Whatever is next will be downhill from there. Peaks are usually barren and battered by the wind. Valleys are usually lush as water flows downhill. There is usually more plant life. There is nowhere to go but up. You usually have a lot of company.

These analogies not only work for topography, but for life as well. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. This holds true for everyone at some point in their lives. For me, it happened all in one day! I had just been informed I was a finalist for ‘Best author in Milwaukee 2017’ In case you would like to vote for me, the link will be at the bottom of this post. I was leaving the gym, feeling good physically. I was excited about being nominated when a man rolls up next to me at a stoplight and honks. I smile and wave at him in a fashion that probably resembled Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills cop. This kind gentleman informed me that my tire was flat.

My enthusiasm deflated just like my tire. Luckily, I was close to home and made it ok. As I was preparing to leave early for work it occurred to me that even though my tire was flat, I still was nominated for best author, I still have made it to the gym, and even made it home ok without any major damage.

I stopped by the local automotive store and purchased one of those ‘fix-a-flat’ products. Somehow it did not even go into the tire. After refilling the tire with air, I was off to work again.

The rest of the day followed suit. Some up, some down. What this made apparent was that valleys do not take away peaks, and that I learned that even the valleys have taught me a lot.

Remember this when life throws you a curve ball. Enjoy the beauty of both the peaks and valleys!

If you would like to vote for me click the link below and look for best author under the ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT catagory.


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