Today is Halloween. I wish to discuss with you something I find to be one of the scariest situations that occurs all year long. People allowing others to control their minds. This may sound like a scary Halloween mind control experiment, but sadly it is a reality. Daily we hear “He made me so mad!” or “I can’t believe she gets me so frustrated.” I must confess to falling into this group myself more often than I care to admit. Does it mean you should change the people around you? Maybe. What it really means is you should take control of your mind. If you do not brainwash yourself, you will be brainwashed by others.

Before you think I am taking this a bit far, according to a report by MAGNA, IPG global advertising resulted in an expenditure of $493 billion! That is more than the income of some countries. The reason they spend so much money is to convince you to feel a certain way about their products. When you think of the best dish detergent for removing grease you might think of Dawn. The best bleach? Maybe Clorox. These companies simply don’t tell you “Buy our product, it is the best.” No, they should show someone holding up a white shirt and smiling using their product, while on a split screen they have someone using ‘the leading brand’ who is holding up a shirt with a stain that just won’t come out and they are frowning. You subconsciously begin to associate clean cloths and a happy feeling with their brand.

This works with products, but does it work this way with people? You bet. Most of them are keenly unaware that they are even doing it. Growing up have you heard any sayings like these? “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Life is tough and then you die.” “The rich just get richer and the poor get poorer.” You may have heard these and several others from well meaning adults who were trying to offer you loving guidance. As a young impressionable person hearing these words from people you love and respect can go a long way to ingraining these beliefs in your own mind. I encourage you to take a moment and explore some of your long held beliefs and see if after everything you have experienced, they still hold true.

Next post we will look at one way in which our mind is either controlled by us, or we are controlled by it. I promise you that you do not want to miss that.

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