Here is a beauty secret you may not learn on many beauty sites. Love yourself. That might sound cliché or corny, but it is 100% true. Having a life you love begins with loving yourself. When you come to understand what an amazing person you are, life takes on a whole new glow. What if you find yourself not to be someone too amazing? Let me begin by informing you from the very start you are a winner. There were like 500 million sperm, and you reached the egg first. You defied better odds than the lottery! Here is another fact for you to consider – there never has been, nor will there ever be another you. Even if the genetic material could be cloned, they would end up having different experiences and different life lessons than you had. All of which served to make you who you are.

Ok, so you are unique does that make you special? Yes. Out there is someone who could benefit from hearing the story of your life. There is someone whose very life could depend on meeting someone just like you. Your knowledge of dog day care, how to find the perfect online deal, or maybe how to make obscene noises with your mouth is just what someone else is looking for. The mistakes you made? They have also made you who you are. The mistakes you are going to make? They will be fertilizer for your future success.

Be who yo

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