Here is the secret to having a life you love – fall in love with it. Easier said than done right? The secret to falling in love with life is the same as falling in love with a person. What do we do when we fall in love with a person? We notice all of the things that are great about them. When we encounter something we may not be crazy about, we shrug it off or use it to learn about them and increase our love. Often what happens to this love over the years is the burdens of life begin to stack on top of each other as do the upsets. Before long we begin to notice everything that upsets us about our partners. What we used to find cute or romantic becomes annoying and irritating.

The same can be said for life. As children, life is a great mystery. The years go by and so do the disappointments and heart breaks. Before long we become bitter. All we notice about life is what is wrong. Life becomes something to struggle through. How can we turn this around? The same tools we use in personal relations we can use with the most important person in our life, the one in the mirror. When we fall in love with our lives we are more fun to be around, we treat those around us better, we do our work with pride.

What exactly do we do to fall in love with our lives? How do we love our lives when we are in a relationship that we do not want to be in? When we have to go to a job we do not want to be at. When our health is not where we want it to be. We begin to find things about our life that we do love. It could be the color of the car that just drove by. Sure, we may like to have a better car ourselves, but we are not focusing on what we lack, but what we love. Do you love the look of the steakhouse you pass on the way home from work? Say so. Again, do not focus on the fact that you cannot afford to eat there as often as you like, just focus on what you love. As you go through the day, do you love that person’s outfit? That house on the corner of the block? Begin to notice these things and say to yourself “I love that house.” “I love the color of that car.” This may seem silly at first, but by doing so you begin to set fire to your enthusiasm. The very root of the word enthusiasm is the Greek word ‘enthousiasmos’ which means “divine inspiration, be inspired or possessed by God” You will begin to be possessed by the God inside of you. When you are in a great and enthusiastic mood you can overcome any challenge.

My friends, use this week to fall in love with your life. No matter what condition you face, there is always something about life to be grateful for and to love.

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