A Happy Life for Busy People

Here is something a bit more esoteric today. There are benefits to having psychological links to objects. What do I mean? For example I have a little gold coffee cup I use when I write my books. I used it the entire time I wrote A Happy Life for Busy People and now every time I fill it up my brain goes into writing mode.

This is something we can put to use in a variety of ways. The one I am really excited to share with you is picking your spot. What does that mean? Find a place you can go to escape. I recommend a place in nature for a bunch of different reasons. If you are not really a nature person you can pick anywhere from a quiet coffee shop or a busy mall if you can detach there. I have a ‘secret spot’ I call it in the parkway right off a busy street by my house. The picture above is another one of my favorite places, a trail and a very unique tree.

Whether you pick a place that brings you joy, reminds you of people you care about (some people even go the cemetery to reconnect with those they have lost) the reason and to be honest the location doesn’t matter. The only caveat here is that it should be fairly accessible when you need it. Then, when life throws you a challenge, escape to your safe haven. It doesn’t always have to be in trying times. You can use your place when you need to think about a big decision you need to make, or if you need to come up with a great gift idea for the one you love. You can even use to escape having to deal with challenges for a little while, or to take a break from trying to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. The point is establish a sanctuary in your life.

Why is it important to pick one place? Why can’t you just drive in to the local Starbucks and relax with a cup of tea? That may not be a bad idea, but by developing a relationship with a certain location it can not only increase the feeling of healing while you are there, it can help when you can’t be. What does that mean? Say for whatever reason you are unable to travel to your ‘secret spot’, by having many experiences there you can relax, close your eyes and go there in your mind. This may not be as fulfilling, but then again it might be. Say your spot in nature is rained out, or the temperature outside is below freezing, when you go there in your mind you can remember it full of sunshine. Tomorrow we will go into more depth on a mental sanctuary, in the meantime begin to think of a spot close to home you can escape to.

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