Here is my last picture with my old PT cruiser. Even though it has been nothing but trouble it got me from point A to point B. Not without leaking coolant and breaking down, but together we got there.

Today a towing company is coming to take it to the salvage yard as I decided not to put that kind of luck on anyone else. It is weird how it still is a little bit of a bummer as we grow attached to things just because of time.

This is just a car. Feelings of attachment are even more intense when it comes to people and relationships. We all know someone, or may even be someone, who stays in an unhealthy or abusive relationship because it is familiar, or because we have already invested so much time in it we would hate to ‘give up’ on it.It may be scary and awkward to find yourself starting over again especially the older we get.

Understand staying in an unhealthy relationship because you have invested time makes no more sense than continuing to drive a car that keeps breaking down simply because you have already stuck a lot of money in it. I spent over $2000 trying to keep my PT cruiser running, but it was always one thing after another. It soon became apparent the money it would take to keep the car going would be better spent on a new vehicle.

The same can hold true for the love and energy you spend on your relationships, be they friend or intimate. Let it be known I am not advocating leaving a relationship at the first sign of trouble. Whenever two people with different opinions and life experiences get together there is going to be ups and downs, bad days and good days. If, however, you find yourself being the only one actually putting forth any effort in the relationship, it may be time to take a hard look as to whether or not your energy and love would be better spent investing in someone new.

Remember you are a gift. If the other person, be they friend or spouse, does not realize that you must value yourself to know that someone else will

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